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Here are a few websites that I find interesting and worth checking out.  The listing below is not in order of importance, I'm just adding the links as I remember them. 





Petapixel   A huge site for all things photography.  Some very useful info here, and some not-so-useful stuff; which reminds me; they featured one of my articles a few years back when petapixel was in its infancy. 


fStoppers  Very similar to petapixel.  A guy by the name of Mike Kelley writes for the site: he's a very good Architectural/interior photographer, but also does cool twilights.  Has a DVD out available at the site, haven't seen it yet.


Shorpy  My favorite site of all timeThis is one site I would really miss it they decided to pull the plugProclaimed 'history in HD' by the author, and it really is.  Have you ever viewed a top quality scan from an 8x10 glass plate negative?  You'd be amazed at the quality from a century ago.  Great captions and comments about the original, and what the scene looks like now.


Kenrockwell.com  Heavy on Nikon and Canon, but Sony has now gained status with his A99 review, along with old Minolta AF lenses.  Check out the vast collection of great articles (of which I've learned a lot) about general photography, especially his magnum opus, "your camera doesn't matter."  The site is huge, and a bit haphazardly arranged, so use the search bar for quickest results.


DPreview   Site is owned by Amazon.com, so buyer beware.  With that said, the camera reviews are concise and mostly helpful, but the lens reviews are not that great, they still don't understand what 'bokeh' is.


MHohner.de   A wealth of information on Sony/Minolta AF lenses, flash units, accessories and cameras.  Basically a complete specs/compatibility chart for all AF Minolta and Sony lenses and cameras.  Also see the FAQ page, which is very interesting.  Try to send this guy some money.  I see no link for CC or Paypal. 


B&H Photo  Totally legit outfit.  Mostly the best prices.  Good return policy.  I've used them for years and never had a deal go bad.  The link is for Sony, Minolta and after-market lenses.


Tangents  Mostly about people photography, but I still learn new lighting tricks, and it helps out when I get an occasional corporate photo shoot.


Sonyalpharumors  Huge Sony rumor site aimed at people looking for excitement.  If you aren't interested in hype, they do link to other sites that may be helpful.


Cambridgeincolour  Great place to read up on techniques and equipment.


Photographyforrealestate  A site dedicated to the Real estate photography business.  Starting to lean towards video as the future of the business, and if so, count me out.  Not that I don't like video; I love watching it, I just have no real passion for making it.  How-to pdf and video on lighting interiors by Scott Hargis.  The pdf is very informative and well worth the price.  The video is good too, but it covers the same stuff and costs more, I've seen both and learned a trick or two.


Matthewdurrphotography  Author reviews the older Nikon lenses on the Sony NEX-7, hope to see some full frame A7 reviews soon.


1x.com  Great photos submitted by anyone, but editors approve photos before posting, which results in almost zero junk.  Top heavy:) with naked women in B&W.  If your wife won't let you look at porn, this is just as good.


Strobist.blogspot.com  This site is a must for people wanting to learn off-camera flash use, (important for Real Estate photography) and includes equipment reviews and tips.  Apparently he's getting tired of the website, and is now doing stuff for lynda.com.


Butkus.org  or Orphancameras.com  Free info!  Site for getting old photography equipment user's manuals, including cameras, flashes, old photo catalogs etc.  Say you want an original manual for your old Maxxum camera with a Maxxum 4000 flash, this guy has both ready for download, and for free!  Please sent the guy a few bucks if you get something useful, that helps him help us all.



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