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Here's a brief look at the Tamron 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 zoom lens.  Scroll down for product shots and macro crop.


Tamron 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II LD aspherical (IF) macro zoom lens, model #A18-S

Box contents

Front and rear caps, hood, and users manual.


$499 retail, discontinued around 2010.

Build quality


Additional information

Same as Sony 18-250mm, but Tamron costs less money. 

Specifications below


Optical configuration

16 elements in 13 groups

Angle of view

75°-6° APS-C.


7 blades, circular

Full frame and APS-C

APS-C only, 35mm equivalent, 27-375mm.  Will work on full frame A900, but make sure APS-C size capt. is turned on for best shots.

Depth of field and focus scales?

Distance scale only

Minimum focus, image plane to subject

18"  (457mm)

Minimum focus, end of lens barrel to subject

8.3"  (211mm)

Hard stop at infinity focus?


Length changes when focusing?


Focus ring turns in AF?


Filter size


Filter ring rotates?


Distance encoder?


Max magnification


Min. F/stop


Sony teleconverter compatible?


Length changes when zooming?


Dimensions W x L (my measurements)

2.9" x 3.3"   74mm x 84mm.  Factory specs, not mine.

Maximum  extended length (my measurements)

6.5"  (165mm)  approx.                                                    

Weight bare (my scale)

15.2oz  (430g)  factory specs, not mine.

Requisite product shots.

Box and contents

Front quarter shot with A100

Fully extended

Handy zoom lock

This lens is optically identical to the Sony DT 18-250mm F/3.5-6.3.  I tested both, but decided not to post a completely separate review.  I do not own this lens, so I have no updated product shots.  The macro shot below was taken with this lens, and if you'd like to find out about its performance, go here: Sony DT 18-250mm.  
Macro shot below. 
Below, check out the sample and click the picture to see a 100% cropped portion of the full image, (291kb).  The sample shot was taken with the Sony A700 12.2MP camera.  The subject is a standard US stamp, 1"x 3/4" or 25.4mm x 19mm.  Also, note the macro shot was taken as close to the subject as focusing allowed; In this case, 8.5" or 216mm, measured from the front of the lens barrel to the subject.

This lens is the same as the Sony 18-250mm, and the macro turned out about the same too.  If you like taking pictures of stamps and test charts at maximum magnification, use F/11-22 or you'll be sorry.  

Macro shot, 291kb, 100% crop F/16