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Below is a list of lenses that I've tested.  Most numerous are Sony, Minolta, Konica Minolta, Sigma,Tamron, along with the Olympus and Panasonic 4/3 system
I review all lenses thoroughly after extensive field use.  Many of the lenses below are owned by me, though some are rented or purchased on eBay and then sold.  I use the image crops in the reviews to back up my written results, but don't take these as absolutes.  I sometimes have to go to extremes to make a lens reveal its minor faults, you should consider this, and how you intend to use the lens before making a purchasing decision.  The conclusion at the end of the review will let you know what I think about the use, optical performance and value of that particular lens.    
Unless otherwise noted; all tests for Sony 'a' mount lenses were done using the Sony 12.2mp A700, Sony 16.2mp A580, Sony 24mp A77, and Sony 24.6mp A900.  For 'FE' mount full frame: Sony A7R. 
For 'E' mount APS-C; C3 or A6000; for micro 4/3, Olympus EM-5.  Specification sheets are compiled using the original owners manuals for each lens if available. 

A note on the macro test shots.  I've stated measurements from the front of the lens barrel to the subject, as opposed to the normal sensor plane to subject.  I thought lens barrel distance would be more useful to the average person, thus the discrepancy in the specification sheet and my own distance numbers, though each are separately listed.  
One last note; I've posted the full frame results separately at the bottom of each lens review (except "DT" lenses), so there isn't any confusion with APS-C results. 


Below you will find information on MTF curves, and how to better understand them.  Both PDF files are courtesy of Zeiss.com

Zeiss MTF guide 1

Zeiss MTF guide 2



This color means the review has not been started, or has not been completed. 



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