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Once again, I have more lame material in place of quality material.  This time, it's the "my personal favorites " in the Picture Gallery.  Here you'll find 69 screen-sized shots of my personal favorites from my digital collection, but still nothing from my extensive 35mm collection.  I'm still trying to get some good scans of negatives and slides etc.  Coming soon; due to some people sniveling about Sony's A700 high ISO noise as compared to the new Nikon D300, I'm going to do some comparisons between my A100 and Nikon D40 utilizing built-in image stabilization against non-stabilized lenses as a way of showing you how in most low-light situations, you don't need to use a high ISO with IS.  When's the last time you actually used ISO 1600 or 3200 anyways?


Not much to report on, except the bad weather we've had for the second weekend in a row, this time only 1" rain accumulation.  Obviously, I haven't been out shooting anything lately.  During this lull I've managed to massage my Picture gallery and sample shot pages, eliminating some pictures and adding others.  I plan to have a "my favorite pics" link in the Picture gallery where you'll find 70-80 images I like the best from all my cameras.  Some will be repeats from the sample shot images, and some will be completely new.  I hope to have that ready in a week or so.   



Time for the promised lame filler material.  This photo tour will be of the kurtmunger.com western command post, or a more fitting and boring title to people not acquainted with the site yet would be---my house.  I hauled off all the junk tires, old furniture, and engine blocks I usually keep around to take these nice clean pictures for you people.  Check out the 13 shots taken last Sunday morning, which, consequently, was the last nice sunny day we've had, believe it or not.  It's been raining (so far over 2") since Thursday and we're expecting clearing and sun tomorrow or Monday.