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Nikon whips out another DSLR, this time beating Sony at their own game.  I thought sure Sony would be the first to come out with a movie mode on a DSLR, but it's not to be.  Check out the Nikon D90, an upgrade to the D80 and the newer D60 that was brought out just a couple of months ago.  The biggest news is the movie mode, but more stuff is new too, look below.


Sony has some good deals on the A700, $1099 for the body only or with the 18-200mm lens for $1299.  Buy this kit and eBay the lens for $300, and get the body for a grand.  Beware of dealers selling Sony DSLRs for less than retail, Sony has a unilateral pricing agreement with their legit resellers, which means they can't offer it for less than retail.  Beware of NYC joints low-balling prices.

  • Nikon D90
  • 12.3mp CMOS DX
  • 3.0" LCD VGA quality
  • Movie mode with sound, 1280-720 (720p) @24fps and lower, must use manual focus and zoom.
  • Live view, obviously!
  • Optional GPS unit, no price yet.
  • Five Face advanced face detection.
  • ISO 200-3200 with Lo1 and Hi1, 100-6400.
  • Active D-lighting, distortion control with registered lenses, and image straightening.
  • HDMI out for viewing on your HDTV.
  • Burst rate of 4.5fps for (?) frames, JPEG.
  • Possible CA correction, but not listed.
  • Same old Li-ion battery, but a whopping 850 shots per charge.
  • Available 9/08
  • New plastic 18-105mm F/3.5-5.6 VR lens, $399
  • $999 or $1299 D90 and above lens.


I've got some additional second phase reviews ready for service.  A couple had to be completely redone, check out the list below.  I should have all the Sony reviews redone by the end of the week.  On the Coming up list I've added the Minolta 28mm F/2.  I'm thinking that one should be out next month sometime, plus the exciting comparison reviews of the "kit" lenses from Canon, Nikon and Sony, all happening next month.  I hope to have all that done before the release of the A900 or whatever the actual name is going to be.  Once I get that baby in my hands I'll have to update all the full frame/film compatible lenses, and maybe even see how the DT lenses work on it too, we'll see, I might be getting ahead of myself.
* Denotes worked-over review with a lot of new material. 

Well, I've been busy with the lens review updates, see the list below.  I was wading through the camera lenses on eBay when I thought I saw a picture of a lens that looked familiar.  I laughed at it because it was a typical eBay type shot, when it suddenly hit me that the dude jacked my photo!!  So there I had an "epiphany" if you will, which will help me finish the "lens updates" and new Product shot photos in a rather quick manor.  I guess it's no big deal, I've seen plenty that aren't as good as mine.  Below is a list of the lenses that I've updated to date, I should have the others done by the end of the month or so.  Most of the changes are related to observations and a few different photos better illustrating the optical performance.




Ready for your scrutiny is the Sony 28mm F/2.8.  It's the same basic lens as the Minolta AF 28mm reviewed here also.  I've had the Sony copy quite a while and decided I'd wait to review it 'till I got my second phase lens review page all worked out and finalized.  I hope you'll check it out and let me know if you like it better.  I think it's better because it gets more information to you quicker using a more cohesive format with less clutter than before, and more lovely product photos.  Also, no more test charts.  I haven't used any for over a year now but I will continue to use my stamp for close focus shots etc, it just works great for that.  I'll be using this review as a template for all others from now on, and I might try to convert some of my older lens reviews into this new page.
I updated the Minolta AF 28mm F/2.8 too.  Plus, I'm working my way through all the close focus shots for all lenses using the A700.

Click for review.




Hoya close-up set, +1, +2, +4
Click for review.

These little el cheapo close-up lenses really work great, just don't stack three or you'll be wasting your time.  I have a nice detailed review here.
I used the Hoya 49mm set, which fits my Sony/Minolta 28mm F/2.8, and the Minolta 35-70mm F/4 lenses.  I tested them on both but most of the review uses the 35-70mm which has a better macro to start with.  Check out the nice close-up I took with the 28mm lens, not bad for a 0.13x reproduction ratio.
Next up is the Sony 28mm F/2.8 review.  I'm still plugging away at the new macro page, be patient.