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Fuji adds new S9100 DSLR like camera to their line-up.  This is a spruced up S9000 from last year, with a few new features.  Will this be an entry level DSLR-like quality camera?  The old model wasn't bad! If this model does a better job at high ISO it could be a bargain.   $599 for camera and big zoom lens is a good price.

  • Fuji S9100
  • 9.0 MP
  • 10.7 zoom, 28mm-300mm equiv.
  • ISO 80-1600
  • 4 AAs
  • Quicker focusing and Improved low light focusing
  • AF assist
  • Larger LCD, 2.0" 235,000k tilt out
  • Sharper photos and increased resolution
  • $599 in stores Sept, 06


Canon finally announces the rebel XT upgrade.  Big surprise with the 10.1MP sensor.  Plus three new "A" series replacements.  Check 'em out below.


  • The new Rebel XTi / EOS 400D
  • 10.1MP CMOS
  • Dust reduction system
  • 2.5" LCD  230,000 pixels
  • Improved autofocus and burst mode
  • In stores mid-sept, 06
  • $799 body only, $899 with kit lens



  • Canon powershot A710 IS
  • 7.1MP
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 2.5" LCD 230,000 pixels
  • 2 AAs
  • 16MB card included, WOW!
  • In stores Oct, 06  $399



  • Canon powershot A640
  • 10MP CCD
  • 35mm - 140mm
  • 2.5" LCD
  • 4 AAs
  • In stores Oct, 06  $399


  • Canon powershot A630
  • 8.0MP
  • 35mm - 140mm
  • 2.5" LCD
  • 4 AAs
  • In stores Oct 06  $299


Olympus today released details for a whole bundle of new cameras, including a new look SP-510 with ISO 4000! I'll have to see what that sample looks like.  It'll be at a lower res than normal, but you can get up to 1600 at full res.  Looks like they're still using the same zoom lens as 4 years ago.
  • 7.1MP
  • 38mm-380mm  10x
  • Digital image stabilization - through ISO manipulation
  • 21MB internal memory
  • Uses 4 AAs
  • In stores sept, 06 for $329


Pentax announced today the addition of two new cameras, the Optio A20 and Optio M20, both will replace current models.
  • Optio A20
  • 10MP
  • 3x zoom
  • Image stabilization
  • In stores Oct for $350

  • Optio M20
  • 7MP
  • 3x zoom
  • AA batteries
  • In stores sept for under $200



Digigear Inc, has come out with a 3D picture frame.  The company says all you need to do is print out your picture, place it in the special lens, and put it in the picture frame.  Everything you need is included it the kit.  Priced at $29.95