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OK, I've finally finished the SP-550 UZ sample shot page, complete with screen sized shots and full res samples at the bottom.  I've also completed the sneak peak page, which will offer more than enough information for most people; look for the conclusion at the top of the page.  I'll rewrite the review in the more normal format in the coming days or weeks.  And look for the photo tour of my excellent hike in the Catalina Mountains coming up in a few days.  4/27/07, I added a few new photos to the sample shot page and made a picture gallery page with the same pics.


I was going to bring you a delightful photo tour of my hike in the Catalina Mountains not far from my house.  But, I found out, you shouldn't rely on the battery indicator of the Olympus SP-550 UZ.  I checked the meter quick like when I left the house; which read full of course, then as I was skipping along the trail I took a few shots and the blue screen of death came on.  I barely had enough power to suck the lens back in, yet the meter still read full.  I know I should have taken some extra batteries but oh well.  You should count your shots and plan on a fresh battery change around the 300-400 shot range depending on how much you use the flash or stare at the monitor.  The desert cacti are really starting to flower now, so check back soon, as I'll be bringing you some spectacular photos from the Sonoran desert shortly.


No, I'm not dead, just busy.  Here for your enjoyment is a fabulous camera from RealPix.  If you're a real-estate pro, you might want to check this out.  Below is the first super wide angle point and shoot camera, and believe me, that's all it does.  It has one button (on and off) and you'd better cross your fingers after taking the 400 pictures the camera holds because there's no LCD to review your shots, and maximum size is 640X480.  You simply snap the big red button!  Here's a list of features for the 22mm wide camera.


  • The RealPix camera has:
  • F/2.0 lens.
  • 22mm wide angle, fixed.
  • No visible lens distortion-they claim.
  • 400 picture onboard memory, no card slot.
  • 640x480 resolution.
  • High powered flash for full 22mm coverage.
  • 90 degree field of view.
  • Lithium "polymer" battery.
  • Battery charges via USB.
  • 299$ ships in June '07 free shipping for now.
  • Comes with car/AC/USB chargers.
  • User manual