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One of the joys of having a website is getting feedback from my readers!  If you'd like to make a comment, good or bad, please feel free to do so.  Also, since I'm not perfect (but as close as humanly possible), you can report any errors or discrepancies in my articles or reviews.
When writing, please include the Country you're from.  If you write in good English, I tend to assume you're from the US, so my camera babble may not be suitable for your market. 
Since I'm getting quite a few messages each day, and have a limited amount of time to respond, please check the lens reviews, lens comps, lens review methods and quick lens evaluation page for information before writing to ask about lens choices or test methods.  Thanks for visiting, Kurt.
I respond to all emails.  If you didn't get a responce within a few days or a week, check your spam folder.  If you send links or photos, you might wind up in the spam folder, which I don't check very often, sorry.